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via The Daily Post, Daily Prompt: Black

Black is beautiful. Back to black. That’s what comes to mind spontaneously. It is really much more meaningful than it appears at first. More than just a phrase, a sentence, a slogan. Fashion seems obsessed with black, and that for decades already. I remember being barely 18 years old and painting my furniture black to make it more cool or modern or something. Today, more than 30 years later, Computers, stereo systems, and other devices are black, after they initially were kept in beige, followed by grey. Office furniture follows in the footsteps. While it used to be plain white or off-white, tables and drawers are now plain black as well. Much to my distress, because it leaves every bit of dust clearly visible. The most modern bathrooms are black or at least blackish. And what is the story with black cars, anyway?

Why would anyone want a black car in the summer heat of a desert country? But it is the dominating color – or non-color – in the streets of Tel Aviv. Well, every car has air-conditioning nowadays, but still, why push it? I was told it started with the diplomats’ cars, which were always big and black. This made them recognizable. The color sort of showing prestige, it caused others to imitate it, I guess. Maybe it made them feel important while driving through the streets and being associated with an important person. I guess they aimed to show off power, which they could only wish to possess.

I haven’t even started talking about clothing. Isn’t it much the same with closing? Black being the color to be worn by distinguished people at distinguished occasions; Like a ball or the opera, an official banquet, a formal ceremony or reception. Was it the color of authority, because it is what priests wear? Why black? And what about funerals? That doesn’t fit in.

For clothes, there is another issue. It’s the fact that it makes you appear slimmer. Some people will only wear black because they feel fat or simply don’t like their own bodies. And then there is the dark side of black. The association with the underworld or death. Here you go, the connection is made. Punks wore a lot of black, motorcycle gangs like black, rebels like black. Is that what makes it sexy?

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