We never stop learning

via The Daily Post, Daily Prompt: Honk

Now, that I have read half of the 60+ contributions so far to the word “honk”, I still have no idea, what to write. Instead, I gained a tiny bit of knowledge that came as a surprise: geese honk! At first, I thought this was rather funny. But maybe it’s because I simply have no idea which sound a regular goose makes. Have I ever heard it? I must have. After all, we had geese in our garden for a while. They can get quite aggressive and we sometimes had to protect our guests from them. That I remember very clearly, but not the sound of their voices. I fed them, petted them, let them bathe in the inflatable kids-pool. They ran around, splashed the water, tried to flap their wings, left their excrements to dung the garden everywhere, but honk? No, that I do not recall.

It is, however, possible, that the horns of cars provided a very different music when it was named after the song of the geese, then they make today. The noise these trumpet-like metal pipes with the rubber balloon on one end produce is nothing like the even blow we get in the streets today. That can really startle someone. In fact, you’ll probably feel physically attacked, when one of those things it tooted close to your ear (Yes, some think it’s funny to do that).

In any case, I couldn’t resist and researched into the actual honk of a goose. Here’s what I found. You think todays car-horns are annoying? Just imagine, what it would sound like if they still honked like their namesakes.

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