Sunrise over Jerusalem

While I am walking my dog in the wake of a new day, the sun rises over Jerusalem.

What a way to start the day!

Today I realized, that I am not the only one appreciating the beauty of this daily spectacle. My walk takes me behind the houses to the security road that surrounds the village. There the view opens over Jerusalem, where the sun rises in orange and ochre colors.  I stand for a while ignoring the security fence while admiring the sight and absorbing its beauty.

Today I left Har Adar a little earlier than usual, so it was still dark during our morning stroll. The sky was turning yellow and gold just as I drove out. A few hundred meters out the gate, just before the road goes down the hill, where the trees end and the view opens, there is an observation point. People often stop here in the evening to see the sunset in the west or the moon over the Judean Hills. On a clear day, you can see the entire region, from Jerusalem in the east all the way to the sea in the west.

At this time on a clear day like this, you can see the entire sky slowly taking on the colors of fire as the sun rises over the hills and spreads its light gradually over the land. The hills themselves are still covered in a sleepy haze, lights in houses flicker like the stars in the night-sky, which disappeared only a while ago. This can’t be captured by the lens of my camera. It is too vast and too delicate at the same time.

One car was parked at the observation point as I drove by. Someone was standing next to it with his hands in his pockets. He was simply standing there very still, facing the east as if welcoming the new day entering from Jerusalem.

All I could think was, how wonderful this situation is. Here is someone actually taking the time to stop the morning rush and enjoy the incredible display of beauty. I thought it was a fantastic thing to do. This amazing sunrise is unique and one may not get the chance to see something like it again. Here was someone who valued the moment enough to give it the time and space it deserves.

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