American Heroes

It’s not that there are no true heroes anymore. The thing is, we don’t pay attention to them till they’re dead. Maybe if we did, our children would have ideals besides beauty, success, money and otherwise impressing people. Oh, there is nothing wrong with these. But they are just not enough.

Because here comes some frustrated American kid and simply guns all that down. Just like that. In the middle of the day in the very place where young minds are being shaped, trained to think and understand, taught to evaluate and reach responsible decisions. The very place, where ideals are supposed to be passed from one generation to the next.

I do believe that that is, what individual teachers do. Some are ready to act upon the ideals they teach. Because when the shooting began they put themselves in front of the children and gave their lives to protect them. Can anyone think of a more heroic act? It is the names of the teachers, who saved students by shielding them, probably without even giving it a single thought, that we should remember. Not the name of the shooter and not so much the grieving faces of the parents, but the heroes:

Aaron Feis, a 37 year old football coach and

Scott Beigel, a 35 year old photography teacher. May they rest in peace.

It is hard being a hero in a world, where you can not take a water-bottle on a plane or buy a chocolate egg with a small toy inside for security reasons, but you can walk around the schoolyard armed to your teeth with guns. Kids in America learn that guns solve problems and heroes are the ones with the guns. That’s the message.

America, you got something terribly wrong! Time to change your thinking and recognize who your real heroes are: the ones protecting your kids from guns. How many have to sacrifice themselves, before you understand? There are plenty of wanna-be-heroes polishing their rifles in the basement, waiting for their minds to snap or simple for a suiting moment or enough courage.

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