Content Marketing Lessons from a Village Veggie Shop

It was the middle of the week, and the veggies I bought on Friday had already gone bad. Very annoying!

It usually happened when I shopped at the regular supermarket. The veggies ended up in the trash, and I found myself driving down to the nearby Arab village, where the stores never seem to close. There are several greengroceries as well as some minimarkets in Abu Ghosh. I didn’t shop there regularly because I found them to be messy and dirty. I needed to double check the expiry dates on every item.

It took me a while to notice there was one exception. Fruit which I bought at the smallest, but also the cleanest veggie store stayed fresh for an entire week. This little place off the main road seemed to have better quality than any other store.

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Wo ist Deutschland?

In meiner ersten Zeit in Israel gab es einen Tag im Jahr an dem ich mich als Deutsche immer etwas unwohl fühlte. Das war natürlich der Holocaust-Gedenktag. Nein, kein schlechtes Gewissen, keine Schuldgefühle, nur einfach so ein merkwürdiges Unwohlsein.

Irgendwann kam ich mit der historisch Emotions-geladenen Tatsache als Deutsche in Israel zu leben zu Potte; selbst an besagtem Gedenktag.

Bis gestern. Gestern habe ich es wieder gespürt, dieses schwer zu identifizierende mulmige Etwas im Bauch. Eine Mischung aus Frust und Trauer, Enttäuschung und Hilflosigkeit.

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Blockchain – what’s next?

“Do you have a new hobby?” Asked some of my most loyal followers after I posted the last two articles. And if anyone is wondering, yes it is still me, Ruth, writing.

I tell you a secret: it’s pure curiosity!

All I really wanted, was to understand why Google and Facebook are not supportive of cryptocurrency. While researching I learned that there was a whole world of values, ideologies, technologies and innovations behind it.

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Crypto….. what?

At the end of 2017, it looked like Bitcoin was just one step away from replacing regular money. All of a sudden this digital currency was what everyone needed. If not this one, then one of its crypto-siblings.

Seriously, what was that? Where did that come from and is it gone now? More importantly, why is there such a big controversy about it? When digging into the subject I quickly realized, that my view of it simply being digital currency was extremely naive. Interesting about cryptocurrency is not that it is digital-only-money, but its decentralized character.

As such it is an attempt to undermine the entire global monetary system. It is a direct attack on the authority of central banks and governments. Sort of rebel money, anarchistic currency, if you will.

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Don’t give me roses, woman

What’s with the flowers on international women’s day? No, seriously! Why do I get a red rose from my employer on this day? That’s not meant as a rhetorical question. I really don’t understand the reasoning behind it.

Do they feel, like they need to court me? Does anyone have a romantic interest in me? We already are in a relationship. A professional business relationship that is, not a romantic one. So, what’s with the rose? A rose is a symbol of love and passion. Most people associate romantic feelings or aspirations with it. I am certainly no exception.

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