Paralell Universes

My office is not directly in Bnei Brak, but on the border to Ramat Gan, one of the more affluent areas north of Tel Aviv. Where these two merge is where I move around. The area is somewhat surrealistic.

Jabotinsky Street, the place I get off the bus and find myself in a forest of donation boxes (see previous post) is loud, crowded and dirty. There must be about 50 different bus lines going along this route, which leads out of Tel Aviv into the towns on the north-eastern side of the city. The street is aligned with shops, mainly outlets and stock sales, bakeries or coffee shops. One of the street lanes is ripped open. They are putting down the infrastructure for a light train. Huge construction equipment is moving around behind long fences of sheet metal, contribution to the noise. There are people everywhere and unfortunately their garbage piles up in several locations on the side of the pavement.

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