Blockchain – what’s next?

“Do you have a new hobby?” Asked some of my most loyal followers after I posted the last two articles. And if anyone is wondering, yes it is still me, Ruth, writing.

I tell you a secret: it’s pure curiosity!

All I really wanted, was to understand why Google and Facebook are not supportive of cryptocurrency. While researching I learned that there was a whole world of values, ideologies, technologies and innovations behind it.

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Crypto….. what?

At the end of 2017, it looked like Bitcoin was just one step away from replacing regular money. All of a sudden this digital currency was what everyone needed. If not this one, then one of its crypto-siblings.

Seriously, what was that? Where did that come from and is it gone now? More importantly, why is there such a big controversy about it? When digging into the subject I quickly realized, that my view of it simply being digital currency was extremely naive. Interesting about cryptocurrency is not that it is digital-only-money, but its decentralized character.

As such it is an attempt to undermine the entire global monetary system. It is a direct attack on the authority of central banks and governments. Sort of rebel money, anarchistic currency, if you will.

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Bnei Brak is a different story. O.k. let me rephrase that: it is yet another cultural experience in Israel.

The way it looks here is different from any other place I have come to know in Israel. The amazing thing is that considering the size of this tiny country you would expect it to look pretty much the same everywhere. I am not talking about the landscape or the view, but the urban character. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are worlds apart, yet less than an hours drive separates them. The towns in the northern part have their own flair and so do the ones in the desert areas. Eilat is a story in its own. And now I am discovering that there is still more.

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