Wie ist das Hundeleben in Israel?

Wußtet Ihr, daß Israelis große Hundeliebhaber sind?

Es soll in Israel mehr Hunde geben als in Österreich oder in der Schweiz.

Tel-Aviv soll laut Statistiken die Stadt mit den meisten Hunden in der Welt sein. Und sie haben sogar ein recht gutes Leben.

Sogar in unserem kleinen Ort gibt es zwei Hundeparks, wie den im Bild.

Hier noch einige interessante Fakten zum israelischen „Hundeleben“

What I Learned About Medical Marketing Writing 2

„We need more compassion in our writing,“ said Dr. Shuldiner, low vision optometrist and founder of the IALVS (International Academy of Low Vision Specialists). „Our texts are too cold and theoretical; there’s not enough empathy in them!“

I listened as he explained how most patients arrive at his practice only after having been told they are going blind, and there’s nothing that can be done.

So, here I was. I had researched the medical conditions leading to low vision for the past two weeks but suddenly felt that it was all for nothing.

How do I address readers who have just been told they’re going blind? What do I tell them?

That’s when I began to understand what it means to write medical marketing content.

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