What I Learned About Medical Marketing Writing 2

„We need more compassion in our writing,“ said Dr. Shuldiner, low vision optometrist and founder of the IALVS (International Academy of Low Vision Specialists). „Our texts are too cold and theoretical; there’s not enough empathy in them!“

I listened as he explained how most patients arrive at his practice only after having been told they are going blind, and there’s nothing that can be done.

So, here I was. I had researched the medical conditions leading to low vision for the past two weeks but suddenly felt that it was all for nothing.

How do I address readers who have just been told they’re going blind? What do I tell them?

That’s when I began to understand what it means to write medical marketing content.

Read my second article about the challenges of writing marketing content for doctors.

What I learned about medical marketing writing

How do you promote a service that’s necessary, but people never want to need? Like cataract surgery.

Out of the many industries in which I’ve worked, writing medical marketing content for doctors was the most challenging and also the most rewarding.

Creating communication that will bridge the gaps between the practitioner’s world and the patient’s world can be fiercely complex.

The reasons may not be what you think.

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Caring Is Paying Attention Is Caring

“I want something special for my birthday!”

He looked at me with a frown, “but we never give each other presents.”

“Not a present, just something, a flower, even.”

“But I bring flowers every Friday.”

“So, bring an extra one. I don’t know, just something to feel it’s my birthday.”

On Friday morning, I got up to this:

A handful of delicate roses, 

three balloons over the kitchen table, 

One set from my favorite dishes – the ones I only take out on special occasions,

and my usual peanut butter and honey. 

A note said, “Happy Birthday 🙂 !”

I stood there with a smile and watery eyes! He nailed it. 

He succeeded in making my day with so very little. And you know why? Because he knows my routine and what matters to me. He paid attention to how I treat occasions to make them feel special to me.   

By showing me that he pays attention, he made me feel that he cares.

So, why am I telling you all this? Not because I want to show off my awesome partner (well that, too) but the main reason is that there’s a simple lesson that I want to share:

If you want someone to feel that you care, pay attention to them! 

Pay attention to what they do and how they do it, listen to what they say and how they say it.

It’s true for your family but also goes for customers, clients, and readers. Don’t try to impress or tease them into thinking you care. Just get to know them. Give them what they need, not what you think they want.

The real beauty in this is that you end up genuinely caring once you start paying attention, whether you want to or not. It just happens. 

What is a Content Brief?

I came across a job posting requiring an ‚excellent writer with a love for creating great content no matter the brief‘.

I read again but still got stuck on the last four words: „…no matter the brief“. They were like a brick-wall question mark, and I couldn’t get past it.

A content brief is a document that provides the writer with all the information s/he needs to meet the client’s expectations.

Here’s what I didn’t understand: Not all companies provide proper content briefs to their writers. Those that go through the effort of creating one understand the importance of a good brief.

So, if this company gets that, how can the brief not matter?

(Or maybe they meant to say something else and just expressed themselves awkwardly – in which case they really need a good content writer.)

Whatever the intention behind that strange phrase, it prompted me to write an article about what I think a good content brief should include.

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It’s Not Copywriting! …or Is It?

“Remember, what we do is not copywriting…..”

Said the editor after reading my comments about a piece I had rewritten. “We do content writing.”

She lifted her eyebrows as if looking down on me, where she was probably seeing me on her computer screen.

“Sure,” I replied, “but you do want your readers to take action. I mean, you want them to click on one of the CTAs, right?”

Her eyes moved back to the second computer screen, where the text must have been displayed.

“But we don’t sell”, her tone of voice was dry and decisive. And before I could explain what I was getting at, she added: “We never want people to feel like we are trying to sell them something.”

At this point I, wished we weren’t on Zoom. Should I enlighten her and explain that she had just described the essence of copywriting?

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From Flowers to APIs – a Brief History of Affiliate Marketing

If you think affiliate marketing started on the internet, think again. O.k., sorry, you’re right! We can’t imagine a world without the internet either. 

But seriously, refer-a-friend-programs existed before the web. Discounts for customers who recruited new clients were popular in certain industries; however, most schemes didn’t last. One considerable challenge was the tracking of referrals, discounts, and the overall process. 

Things weren’t always as easy as they are with today’s advanced tools. You can see how computers come in handy here and how the internet opened markets and opportunities. It took innovative minds to get to where we are today.

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Science in the shadows

Two headlines caught my attention this morning at the beginning of what promises to be a totally routine week after the wonderful, long weekend of Shavuot holiday.

Israel to ally with Arab neighbours around Red Sea in bid to save world’s corals“ Was one headline.

The second one, I did not fully understand. Clear was only, that the article was also about science, in this case, archaeology. However, this one did not talk about cooperation, but rather the opposite.

Reading the two pieces draws a fascinating picture of what is going on aside from – but always in the shadow of religiously infected politics.

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Shalva Band – the True Stars of the Eurovision

They received a minutes-long standing ovation. They had the entire audience up on their feet. TV-viewers all over the world were driven to tears, and everyone knows their name now: The Shalva Band.

This group of young musicians has captured the hearts of every Israeli and touched even the toughest of critics. Shalva have become true superstars, uniting all of Israel as their fans.

What lies behind their success, and where did their story begin? Great success is often born out of tragedy. It seems the Shalva band on the Eurovision stage leads more than one tragic story to a happy ending and to amazing new beginnings.

Their full name is The Shalva Center House Band. Jerusalem residents may know the Shalva Center, others may guess. It is a center that provides services for children with disabilities and support for their families.  Ahhhh, some will say, now I understand! But wait, you have not heard the real story just yet.

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Disproportionate use of innovation

Ever since I finished reading ‚Sapiens, a brief history of humankind‘ a month ago, I am bookless.

Yuval Harari’s book had been incredibly inspiring. It gave me enormous food for thought and incentive for discussions with friends and colleagues.

In my search for the next awesome piece to read and get inspired, I came across some recommendations that blew my mind in a different way.

It’s hard to believe that I could get so excited about technology. But then, it isn’t so much the technology that did it, but the thinking behind it. The level of resourceful creativity, which the human mind is capable of, is dazzling. The results that come of it, when people are determined, are fascinating.

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